Long Trench Coat 

Today I am sharing my absolute favorite jacket so far for the winter season! It’s so exciting that coat season is finally here (well, the weather hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s December 🤦🏾‍♀️) because sometimes you can be lazy with your outfits and chic with your coats! 😉 Whether you get into brown hues or long trench coat styles for winter, note that the possibilities right now are endless.

 When I’m browsing other Fashion Blogs and Pinterest, it’s so inspiring to see how trench coats can be styled! I took plenty of notes for winter 💁🏾. Some styles are making me wish I lived in Canada right now – for like .2 seconds. One of my favorite picks is this Alabama appropriate tan coat. Considering I live deep in the south, I styled it Bama-cool with a pair of shorts and OTK boots. Regardless of the climate, it’s a powerful statement piece. I love coats that have character and can flatter any shape.

 For the upcoming winter season, think feminine and effortless.


Coat, Alternative + Alternative + Alternative | F21 Tank + Shorts | Nordstrom Rack OTK Leopard Boots, Alternative + Alternative + Alternative | H&M Tote

Jeremiah 29:11

Hope you had a marvelous week! It’s not everyday you see a 5’2” girl walking the streets in EXTRA wide leg pants. The truth is, being petite has always made it hard for me to shop for bottoms. For some shorties, seeing these in a store would keep them walking because of instantly assuming they aren’t for them. But not me; it just means I can put on a pair of platformed heels and strut my stuff! 💁🏾 I purchased these jeans from Fashion Nova and was seriously so surprised that they fit me perfectly! Booo yaaaa!

I am a fan of slogan tees, so getting this particular sweatshirt was a win for me. The context of Jeremiah 29:11 is the Israelites were in exile, a punishment from God because of their disobedience. In short: God had a plan for the Israelites; a plan that will give them hope and a great future. But before all of that Jeremiah told them (paraphrasing): “look, while y’all in this mess, ask God for peace and pray for the city!”

The Israelites were basically like, “Noooooo! we wanna go home!” In reality, God’s plan was for them to stay right where they were and to help prosper  & pray for the nation that enslaved them! 😱 In other words: In the midst of your suffering, cling to Jeremiah 29:11, but cling to it for the right reason: not in the hopes that God will take away your suffering, but will give you faith in HIM in the midst of it!

The best growth comes through persevering through trials, not escaping them entirely.


Slogan Sweatshirt | Wide leg Denim | Sunnies | Klutch Bag



If only you knew how thrilled I am to finally feel this fall weather. One would think I would be happy with the warm temperatures but the holidays are officially here 🤔, so I think it should feel like it.

Nonetheless the ‘sorta’ lower temperatures were worth it because I️ got to wear my fave boots during the weekend! This crochet top kept me cool from the sun yet warm from the brisk air. I️ think lower temps and brisk air are our welcome to the upcoming season! What ya think?

Ya’ll know I’m not a big accessories/jewelry gal but it’s so necessary for certain occasions so I spruced up my outfit a bit with a cute floppy hat and cauuutteeee bag! YAASS!

Crochet Top | Express Denim | JustFab Boots | Target Handbag | Target Floppy Hat, Alternative