Pink + Denim

I am not the one for DIY, mainly because I have an attention span of a 2 year old. When a DIY takes less than 10 minutes and a $5 budget- I’m all in! We all have that favorite pair of novelty denim from our favorite store that is beyond our budget. Well, don’t fret!

Head to your closet (or fav clearance aisle) and pick that pair of jeans (or denim shorts or jacket) that could use a little DIY. Pick up the paint of your choice and brushes at your local craft store (I purchased mine from the local dollar store).

I literally brush lines in crazy directions -no method to my madness- until I got the look I was going for. Easy. Oh! Did I mention I purchased my denim from Target Girls’ Clearance! 💁🏾


Top |  DIY Denim: I splattered the paint 😬 | Clutch


This is the season when dress lovers really come out to play. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Dresses are the easiest clothing to style. It’s the first category I clicked to when I’m shopping online (who else does this?) When you find a great dress all you have to do is match it with some cute shoes, a few accessories and out the door you go. I better start making (more) room in my closet! 💁🏾😎


Dress | Old clutch | Heels 

Leopard Dress

This little leopard dress I wore to a gala when my husband was inducted into the 100 Black Men Organization in Mobile & it made me feel like a very classy lady! I saw it on SHEIN a couple of months ago and knew I had to have it. I’m a lover of timeless dresses and anything dipped in leopard. I’m thinking about taking it to the N.O. for the Essence Festival with me and repeating it again for a wedding this summer! With a flowy fit this good, why not? If you’re wondering about sizing, it’s true to size and has elastic in the waist! 💁🏾

This is a dress I’m never going to get rid of. So cute and best of all it’s affordable! Bam. Can’t wait to re-style and accessorize this pretty dress over and over.


Leopard Dress  | Clear Heels | Klutch