Red Ruffles

Happy Monday y’all! If you follow me on IG then you’re probably aware of the cute pieces I showcase from brands such as EXPRESS and SHEIN. I’ve even started to use live videos to connect to everyone in real time and answer questions about what I’m wearing. By the way, my live videos are LIT! 😬😎 Please be sure to turn on your notifications so you won’t miss the next one!

The last time I went live, I wore a beautiful red one shoulder ruffle top, and paired it with a faux leather skirt. However, I’ve chosen a more casual look for the Blog and opted for a pair of denim shorts & red sandal heel and spandex boots. Side note: During the shoot I didn’t know which pair of shoes I wanted to showcase so I said, “What the heck – I’ll do both 😌!” Since I couldn’t decide which style to wear, I could really use your feedback. Tell me what you think below in the comment section!

Anyhoo, I love the fact that the open toe heels to the high thigh boots makes this entire outfit so versatile, which allows this ensemble to easily transition from summer to fall. It just works!
PS: Don’t forget to comment your favorite heel choice, and I can’t wait to interact with you on LIVE, “Cus we be LIT!”


Top | Levi’s Denim Shorts | HeelBoots | Clutch

It ain’t Gucci…

Here’s the thing… we have all seen the bloggers and celebrities sporting the Gucci belt. I must say that I love the simplicity of it so I went and searched for it online. But to my surprise (well kind of), the price was beyond my coin purse! I’m not knocking those that work the Gucci, but I just can’t afford it. That’s basically two car notes for me.

As I searched one of my fav online stores, I came across this serpent belt and another Gucci like belt. I fell in love – not only with the price – but the beauty! I couldn’t wait to pair them with simple pieces that would too make a statement.
Popularity doesn’t mean equal affordability, so stay within your budget! So the next time you see something that’s more than your car note or mortgage, head on over to your fav online stores that will probably cost you the same as a tank of gas. You can be cute on a budget. Always remember: It ain’t Gucci, but it’s mine!

Top | Denim | Clutch | Taupe Duster | Belt | Heel

B+W Color Block

Today I’m sharing this little number I wore last week to a youth seminar speaking engagement in Mobile. I usually go with an easy slip on dress or black and white when I throw an outfit together last minute. This time I opted to go with a color-block black and white top.

When my outfit consists of a hi-low top paired with DIY denim, I can get away with cute red shoes and eye-catching clutches💁🏾. I’ve had the denim for a while, but I linked similar styles below. As you can see I’ve worn the red heels on several other posts, it’s because they are so chic and perfect for dressing up any look!

I had a lot of fun speaking at the youth seminar getting to see so many young girls & seeing their faces light up when I taught them how to use the color wheel! It was the first event in a while that I’ve been to since things have been so busy with family and work. Sometimes it’s nice to get dressed up and go! 😉

I am so excited to share my first video to my YAS LIVE that’s going to launch on my YouTube soon! Stay tuned! Make sure you subscribe so you can get the video before anyone else! Also, if you have any suggestions for videos comment below!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Top | Old Purchased Denim, Alternative 1, Alternative 2 | Heels | Clutch