Summer Dots

So if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve read my caption about living my best life. Well, I got to thinking and I asked myself what is really living my best life. I’ve realized it is not sweating the small stuff, getting a hold on my anxiety, not worried about people getting me + understanding my personality and so much more (cuz chile I could write a book 😌).

There are too many people around me suffering: physically and mentally. I look at them and immediately recognize we don’t own our life. We don’t own time. BUT. BUT we own how we handle circumstances that may came our way. It took me a while to get where I am; I’m still still striving and pressing forward to a greater me! I’m living my BEST LIFE! Are you?! Tell me in the comments! Let’s chat.


Polkadot Bodysuit, Alternative | Similar Express Denim | Earrings | Matte Lipstick (Haute Mess)

Classy with a Touch…

I’ve never been embarrassed about where I’m from. I grew up in Prichard, AL, not quite the suburb of Mobile, AL. Prichard was and still is considered the ghetto or hood by most people. Primarily due to the crime rate. The city is deemed merely 1% safe on a crime index (with 100 being the safest).

My grandparents raised my siblings and I. I always thought we were safe. Crime and drugs were around us, yet they kept us grounded, taught us values and encouraged education. Lawd, Charlie Bell (granny) kept us in church. I can remember going to Sunday School, Church service, evening service and whatever program going on (LOL!); however, I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world.

I can remember my grandparents being strict. We weren’t able to do what most kids did on the weekend – play! Honey, we were cleaning floors, dusting, laundry, shaking rugs, & anything else she thought of. We couldn’t walk to the corner store without her supervision. She would stand on the porch and watch us walk to the store and back. Looking back on it, she did better driving down there! LOL!! But those were the days!

We NEVER wanted for anything. Ever. They made sure we knew the Lord and that we could be whatever we imagined despite where we came from. I’m from the hood. And darn proud of it! 💪🏾😬


T-shirt | Skirt | Heel | Leopard Handbag